Grüne Inspiration I
Ranunkel I Detail
Ranunkel I
Grüne Inspiration IV
Foto: nordost-art
Grüne Inspiration III
Foto: nordost-art
Fantasiebemalung II
Gesichtsbemalung mit Airbrush und Pinsel (Detail)
Fantasiebemalung I
Gesichtsbemalung mit Airbrush und Pinsel
Was für die Optik

The idea

The motif is developed individually and adapted to your wishes.

The material

The colour is a non-greasy compact make-up with components of valuable skin creams. It is a water-soluble, highly productive and ultra-fine pigmented make-up, which is applied with a brush and airbrush.

The implementation

You decide whether you want to paint the whole body or part of it. The material consumption and time depends on this.