Painting and Willow Art by Berit Ida


Many people have a dream job in childhood that they want to take up later. I am very fortunate to be able to practise this profession, a profession that fascinated me already in my childhood.

I find a large part of my motifs in nature; wonders of creation that I marvel at, so that many others wonder about them.

In this respect, I’m already on the paths of Claude Monet, who once said:

“Maybe it was thanks to the flowers that I became a painter.”

This is how I think about representational painting in the first place. I would like to show with my pictures how beautiful the creation is, how unique and well thought-out every little detail.

I take the time to see this. To see and make it visible to others.

I can’t separate the object that appears from me, the subject, because I first bring the first to appear – and in this sense the real direction of the image takes place.

Seeing was and is a key to the effect of art and from there a key to other areas of life. Seeing the way in which seeing develops in art is an opportunity to develop perception.

A selection of my work

Nature plays an essential role in my painting. The five elements wood, fire, metal, water and earth are directly derived from nature and are central to the Daoist theory of description of nature.

With willows and other materials, I create a unique stage design for you. Let yourself be enchanted by combinations of make-up, face-painting, hairstyles and costumes.