Willow objects

Weidenskulptur ohne Titel
Salix americana • 2010
Schmuck komplett aus salix americana
Lampe im Pfauenauge
Liquid capillatura und cornu copiae
Weidenobjekte • Ausstellung im Stadtschloss in Lichtenfels • 2013

Making inspiration take shape

Berit Ida always creates her installations on site, if possible, in order to relate to the environment. Just as in your painting, where a picture is created by looking at the motif, the willow installations grow into the space and allow inspiration to take shape. When it comes to colouring, it draws on the natural diversity of the various willow species. From red willow (salix purpurea), black (salix daphnoides) or freshly peeled white glowing willow (salix americana) to green (salix viminalis) and yellowish (salix alba vitellina) willow: like from the palette of colours, this extraordinarily versatile artist uses the different willow varieties.

Especially the more filigree works show her virtuoso handling of the willow. (…)
Maybe the love for weaving also comes from Berit Ida’s almost calf-length hair…
Berit Ida’s willow works are mostly commissioned or project-related and are suitable for exhibitions on public grounds as well as for private clients.

Contact the artist if you have a project idea.

Guest article Martin Pierags